About Me


My name is Wan-Ping, but I often go by Crystal. I was born and raised in Taiwan, and relocated to America in my 20s. I enjoy my life with my husband and two children. Together we enjoy traveling, both in the US and abroad, and spending time together watching movies and playing games. When I'm not practicing nor teaching yoga, I'm busy with my little ones heading in all directions at once.


I have obtained my RYT-500 from the Yoga Alliance after completing Western Yoga College's Yoga Teacher Training program. Since then I have taught numerous private classes, as well as public classes at local gyms and online classes open to the public during the pandemic.


Many people believe that there are yoga people and non-yoga people. I believe EVERYONE has the ability to practice yoga. I also believe everyone SHOULD practice yoga. I feel that it calms you and grounds you. It also keeps your muscles loose and your body feeling young. Please come join me to find out that it is a good fit for you. :)